Transmission Repair Kamloops BC

We at Transmission Kamloops, know that when your transmission is causing you problems it’s very stressful.  We know that there are concerns like:  “Oh no, I need my car to get me to and from work”!  How long is this going to take”?  “This is a big and complicated job, can I trust you to do it right”?

Transmission Kamloops is proud to be helping Kamloops customers 41 years after opening its doors.  That tells Kamloops that we’re successful at what we do.  And you’re only a success when your customers are so satisfied, that they’re referring their friends and family.

We’re the only BCAA approved transmission shop in Kamloops.  We’re a proud member of ATRA, a consumer “watch dog” for the automatic transmission repair industry, so we confidently serve our customers with integrity.  Our long term licensed transmission repair specialists have over 50 years combined transmission experience and we ensure that they undergo continued education to keep abreast of transmission changes in the industry.  We offer automatic transmission service, repairs, parts and rebuilds, as well as rebuild options.  We’re happy to take on new customers and their automatic transmission challenges.  Our aim is to have you become our next customer who’s referring your friends and family to the Transmission Kamloops family.

If you’re experiencing some very real transmission problems and the concerns that go with it, we invite you to read further to help you make the decision that will alleviate your concerns.