About Us

Man Mac Automatic opened its doors in Kamloops on May 1, 1970, with Jim McKinley as manager.  Five years later Jim McKinley, along with his wife Sandy, bought the company.  When Jim passed away in 1992, Sandy felt such a duty to her loyal customers, and so enjoyed the business that she gave no thought to selling.  She’s been successfully running the business since then, and the fact that her two licensed transmission mechanics have been with the company for 30 and 20 years respectively, attests to her sound and fair business practices.

Man-Mac’s large customer base is mostly comprised of repeat and referral customers.  And you only refer your friends and family to people who do the job right the first time.  Man-Mac is a family business, but not what you typically think when you hear “family business”.  What that means in Man-Mac’s case is that they are so trusted by their customers that they are working for second generation customers - customers who’s parents took their vehicles to Man-Mac, and now they depend on Man-Mac to fill their transmission repair and service needs.  That’s impressive.  

Not only is Man-Mac the only BCAA approved transmission shop in Kamloops but they’re also a member of the non-profit organization ATRA - the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association - with over 2300 member shops all over North America.  ATRA members are regulated by a code of ethic that ensures that every customer is treated honestly, fairly and professionally, as well as strictly overseeing any complaints made against member businesses.  They also offer the “Golden Rule Warranty Plan” that means that warranties are honoured nationally by any ATRA shop wherever you may be travelling.  That’s providing value to Man-Mac customers.

At Man-Mac they’ve listened to their customer’s needs and in doing so provide transmission rebuild options.   You can choose to have a rebuilt transmission taken from their stock to ensure speedier service, or you can choose to have your transmission rebuilt, keeping your costs repair-specific.  They’ll discuss your needs first to help provide you with the option that is most suitable to you.

From here we invite you to check out our team to further help you make the best choice.

Contact Information

598 Chilcotin Rd
Kamloops, BC V2H 1G5
Tel. (250) 374-6284
Open 8am-5pm Mon-Fri


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